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Walnut, Iowa is located just 40 miles east of Omaha, NE, on I-80 exit 46. Walnut was designated as Iowa's Antique City in 1987. Today, there are more than 15 separate antique shops in this town of 900 people. Walnut has long been recognized as the premiere location for quality antiques in Iowa.


33rd Annual Christmas Walk
33rd Annual Christmas Antique WalkThe annual Christmas Walk will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 28th & 29th in dow...

June 13-15, 2014 ~~ 32nd Annual Antique Walk ~~
The Walnut Antique Show began in 1982 and has a rich history of attracting antique vendors and shoppers from around the world! O...

32nd Annual Christmas Antique Walk - Nov 29-30, 2013.
The annual Christmas Walk in 2013 will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 29th & 30th in downtown Walnut. This event i...

What Others Say About Walnut

"Walnut, Iowa, is just the best for me" - Author Randy Florke

"The little town of Walnut, Iowa, is an antiquer's paradise" - Kansas City Star

"[Y]ou have no excuse to drive by this picturesque antique mecca." - Small Town Gems

"[A]n antique-seeker's mecca, a corn-country shopping spot for all things quaint and curious" - New Orleans Times Picayune

"a major Antique venue" - Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

"The town's downtown is simply packed with antique stores." - About.com

"A small midwestern town, that for one weekend a year, is transformed into a sprawling Antiques show." - Country Living Magazine

"Once a year on Father's Day weekend, the town comes to life with a street fair featuring vendors from all over the country; it's one of the best street sales in the United States" - House Beautiful Magazine


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